Sponsorship Program

Agile methods strive to deliver business value early in the project lifetime and to adapt to changing requirements. By leveraging the use of “high-bandwidth” and informal communication, agile methods support the human side of software development while delivering running, tested systems.Agile Portugal 2015 is an international conference about Agile Software Development and its practices, technologies, attitudes and experiences. Created by practitioners, for practitioners, it is suited for both experts and beginners in Agile methods, welcoming all the practitioners in the area.Agile Portugal 2015 will serve as a superb backdrop for innovation, discussion and networking with other agilists, bringing together thought leaders, practitioners, and trainers from all over the world.


Your organization’s support of Agile Portugal 2015 is a positive commitment to Agile SoftwareDevelopment.
Agile Portugal was considered as one of the best Agile conferences in the world. Last year we were considered the 12th best Agile and Scrum conference – The top 50 Agile conferences.


The event will be a good opportunity to connect with the agile community in Portugal, reaching out to leading industry practitioners and programmers, including developers, evangelists, collaborators, customers, to promote your solutions.


In order to accommodate a wide range of sponsorship interests, we are offering a set of pre-defined plans, detailed below, including: Gold, Silver, Bronze sponsor. Due to some request in the last year we are offering in addition to the pre-defined plans the possibility of having a booth/stand for promoting the company services and/or products.

We are agile, so we will be happy to adapt our pre-defined plans to fit your particular needs.


We are open to partner with your company or institution to help improve the event, by exchanging valuable services from your company with free registrations in the workshops. Examples of services include media coverage, publicity, and staff. Be creative and make us an appealing proposal.


In 2015 Agile Portugal will be on May 22th, in Porto, will include feature like keynotes, talks from invited and selected speakers. The 23th of May will offer workshops with experienced Agilists that will share with the audience their experience and knowledge. All details are available here: http://2015.agilept.org. This year’s edition program is still on an early stage, nevertheless we are working to deliver the best Agile Portugal Conference ever.

Being a sponsor will allow you to increase the visibility of your company in the agile world and will give you access to free and discount workshops tickets.

Stand or BoothStand/Booth for promoting products or/and services. This will have an extra cost per day (200 EUR)*.

Type Service/Feature Gold Silver Bronze
General Advanced recognition as sponsor, in print and Web: posters, website, and social networks. Your logo* on the conference website linked to your website. Sponsorship announcement on twitter, facebook, G+, linkedin and others.
Venue Company-provided posters in conference rooms.
Ticket Number of free registrations to attend the workshops and conference 8 4 2
Discount for each extra ticket for the full workshop day. 30% 20% 10%
Level of support (EUR)** 2,100 1,150 600

* We expect significant traffic to the website, which will document the conference as it progresses and, after the conference, will serve as a historical document, receiving continued visitors over time.
**VAT of 23% will be added to the final value

In any plan we are open to consider your special needs.

For more information, please contact us.